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It's about Hope
It's about Awareness

Why Birdsong Exists

A tribute to a fallen bird

People with mental illness in Canada don't all find the support they need. We’re here to help.

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Birdsong helps musicians who live with mental illness get their music and message out to the world.

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– David Martin, September 2017

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It's about Hope
It's about Awareness

Birdsong: David Martin New Music Foundation is a nonprofit National Canadian Charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with mental illness in Canada. Our message and mission is to help, inform and inspire Canadians through new music, small local community concerts, promotions and awareness campaigns to change our existing belief system around those with mental illness.

By offering production money to publish original music, the vision for the Foundation is to creatively change the stigma attached to the diagnosis of mental illness, and change the way our society speaks about people living with mental illness.

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Sing your Birdsong

Birdsong was created to help you make your new music spread its wings through our Foundation. Apply to have your original music released with the help of music recording professionals.

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We empower musicians

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Our Foundation is built to empower musicians to use their voice as a tool for healing themselves and others.

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We Help Educate

Don't let your wings be clipped

Birdsong has collected a wealth of resources for you. We aim to inform, educate, and be a guiding light.

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We create community

Join the flight. You are not alone.

With your input and participation, Birdsong strives to build a better healing community that understands and helps people living with mental illness.

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Music is our communication for change and empowerment

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David Martin

Featured Song: Maggie's Song

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