Ottawa Citizen Interview - Margaret Konopacki

FRONT PAGE NEWS: The Ottawa Citizen connected with BIRDSONG Foundation director Margaret Konopacki this week for a brave retelling of her (and her son David Martin's) personal story, and an in-depth look at our foundation's cause, purpose and passion for revolutionizing how society supports those living and struggling with mental health issues -- particularly those of the musical persuasion. 

Read it all by clicking the following link:



  • Maggie rocks.

    Daryl Jung
  • My heart goes out to this family, having experienced similar situation with a family member, I cannot say enough about this ladies bravery and work. I have no doubt David is looking down at his mom and is so proud of her. Let us all work and pray that the world soon comes to realize the depth of depression and discovers a means to cure it

    Frank Aaron

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