Write your BIRDSONG!

Who can apply to Birdsong - David Martin New Music Foundation?

Anyone in Canada who is a Canadian citizen, musician with a medical diagnosis that states that you are living with mental illness and are an adult that has reached the age of majority in your province.

What do I need to send to be considered for the Music Grant?

Two (2) or three (3) songs via YouTube or memory stick to our address in Ottawa, Canada and email with your application and song lyrics. Download our Application Form for full details.

What is the deadline to apply for a Music Grant and how long will it take to have my music launched?

September 30, 2020 is our first deadline and we want your music up and running within 12 months of the start of production on your songs (launch of our first Birdsong album is September 2021).

What kinds of music/lyrics are you looking for?

We are looking for all styles of music (genres), we want your original music to be created the way you hear it and envision it. The only thing we will not accept is racist and discriminatory lyrics.

Can I collaborate with another musician on a song and still get a grant?

Yes — as long as the details are fully explained so there are no issues about who was involved as the original songwriter and performer. We will not accept music that has already been published.

Do I own the rights to my songs after they are produced and mastered by Birdsong?

Yes — you own the rights and we make sure you do through SOCAN so there is no mistake. The original music you make is your music.

Do I have to donate to Birdsong to be considered as a potential music grant recipient?

No you do not have to donate any money but we would love it if you give back to others for more music grants by donating 25% of your royalties. However, this is NOT mandatory and you will not be penalized in any way if you wish to hold onto 100% of sales of your music. Your music is your music — And we like it that way!

Do I have to pay back the Grant?

It is free for you to apply and to participate. The only way you pay back the grant is through the sale of your songs on the Birdsong: David Martin New Music Foundation first album sales. You will only pay the cost of the Grant from sales AFTER your music is launched on Birdsong and never out of your pocket.

Where will we be recording and mastering our music if selected?

We are selecting musicians from across Canada so if you are on the west coast we will match you up with a music record producer in that area if selected. If you are from central Canada or eastern Canada we will select a producer in a major city near your town. Please send us any questions you may have or send us an email and we get back to you!


“Playing my own music is often the only place left to go to find love and peace”

– David Martin, September 2017

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